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Saturn Retrograde In 2021 And What Are The Effects?

Saturn retrograde 2021 begins on May 23 at 13° Aquarius and ends on October 10 at 6° Aquarius.

Saturn retrograde goes retrograde from May 23 - October 11 in Aquarius in 2021. This phase is always a favourable moment to consolidate the bases of our life and readjust our social function. Indeed, it’s the opportune period to question our way of living, working and loving. Although, the question is, how are you going to experience this planetary movement? Will it be fulfilling time or will it just bring you plain bad luck? Here’s how Saturn's retrograde motion will affect your zodiac sign this year.

Saturn goes retrograde on May 23 and returns direct on October 12, 2021

Saturn governs the elements of time for individuals to build themselves up. Thus, the planet can refer to studies, agriculture and construction, it’s also the planet of delays and learning about limitations. Saturn retrograde encourages us to embrace our alone time in order to better understand other people.

How does Saturn retrograde impact us?

From May 23rd to October 11th, Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will make us more distrustful in our relationships, to the point where you feel others' judgment more intensely than usual. As a result, you respect a certain wisdom in your projects and you'll let them mature quietly.

This phase will make it difficult for you to stick to your plans. Although, here’s a piece of advice for you, don't throw yourself into anything without thinking the consequences through. To avoid dispersing yourself, take the time to concentrate on the essential points.

  • What you shouldn’t do during this period: Start a construction project.

  • The best thing to do during this phase is to continue with a task you've paused and take some time for yourself, in a quiet environment.

The effects of Saturn retrograde

When this planet is retrograde, take advantage of this period to reflect on your relationships and the idea of time. Visualize the obstacles that will allow you to prevent you from continuing your projects in the long term. Alternatively, you can also define your sense of duty.

Use the strength of your world to withdraw and better support others. This planetary motion encourages notions of honesty and patience thorough deep introspection. To come back stronger and more serene in the face of your convictions and ideas, take time out for yourself. This could be the key to solving problems. It is above all with hindsight that you will be able to carry out the projects that are so important to you.

This motion requires a lot of patience and intellectual honesty in order to remain stable. You need to move forward slowly but surely! It will push you towards deep introspection in order to feel surer of your convictions as soon as it becomes direct again. You will thus be able to move forward with determination and unblock unresolved issues.

This internalization is sometimes expressed in the form of restraint. Previous experiences mean that you tend to hold back and have difficulty expressing your emotions. Leave these principles behind and add more flexibility and tolerance to your life.

⚠ Warning:

Under Saturn retrograde, one can easily fall into a certain melancholy. Work on yourself and concentrate on the essentials to avoid small depressions.

The symbolism of this phase

  • Introspection

  • Solitude

  • Analysis

  • Authenticity

  • Essential

  • Patience

  • Rigour

Saturn Retrograde 2021 Grand Trine

The trine aspects represent the solutions to those problems associated with Saturn square Uranus.

Moon trine Saturn brings the emotional balance, responsibility, and determination to reach your long-term goals. Mutual respect and understanding make your relationships practical and beneficial, especially with men and superiors. Valuable guidance comes from elders and leaders. Achievement and recognition lead to satisfaction, contentment, and higher self-esteem.

Venus trine Saturn brings true love, loyalty and commitment. A new romance could be with a past-life contact or someone from a different age group and would likely be a long-lasting, soul-mate union. Existing relationships enjoy closer bonding and stability. Mutual respect and an eye to practical outcomes help you work through any problems created by Saturn retrograde 2021 square Uranus. This is also a good aspect for finances.

Moon trine Venus brings love, tenderness, and harmony. Increased charm, beauty and popularity make Saturn retrograde 2021 good for dating and making friends. You can attract genuine, honest love. Sex will feel more intimate, romantic, and enjoyable. Your creative potential will be unleashed and the trine aspects to Saturn will materialize works of beauty.

Saturn trine North Node can help lift away the limitations and restrictions associated with Saturn retrograde 2021. It gives level-headed wisdom, patience, and practicality. Good relationships with elders and authorities can help you achieve your ambitions.

It also gives a good sense of timing and helps you become more self-reliant, mature, responsible, and self-disciplined. When working constructively, organization, patience, methodology, and self-pacing are combined. There is no limit to the potential achievements you can make.

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